What I’m doing now


90% of my time is spent on coursework, learning about the eye, image processing, and studying  about the exciting interaction between imaging and biological system.


I started reading Steal the Show by Michael Port. I like this book a lot. If you are a collector of beautiful stories, a lover of words and public speaking, Michael's Steal the Show will teach you practical skills on  expressing yourself as an actor without losing your authenticity.


I recently gave a talk in UIC Toastmasters club titled: Hard work ends at 21. It was inspired by one of my mentors. In his words: "After 21, it is no longer hard work that drives you, it is inspired choices". I plan to make a post about this in future. Here's a link to the transcript of my previous talk titled: Who do you think you are?


Read my recently published Lab Dialogue Series interview with Taehoon and Trinh titled: On Finding Fulfillment in My PhD Journey, Regrets and Lessons Learnt - Taehoon and Trinh

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Updated: September 2022